Changing Feet: A player may change feet if the player does so in rectangle 7, or while in the air of hopping between spaces.

Jump: To move by leaping from two feet at the same time.

Maneuver: Pushing or sliding the Taw with the side or bottom of your foot into the position to kick out.


Court: A pattern marked with chalk or painted lines, upon a smooth level hard surface area.

Hoppy Taw: A round rubber disc when tossed stays where it hits. The official Hopscotch marker.

Penalty: A loss of turn.


Diagram: A schematic drawing of the hopscotch pattern.

Kick: To strike the Hoppy Taw with a foot in any frontward, side-ward manner that could be considered a kick, weather flat-footed, or on toes or heels.

Retrieve: To kick the Taw out of the space and out of the court over the baseline.

Hop: A spring action up or forward move from one foot.

Kick Out: To kick the Hoppy Taw out of a space or out of the court.

Umpire: One chosen to see that the rules are followed and settles any disputes.